New Series Coming Soon...

Evangelism is...
  • NOT salesmanship or manipulation
  • NOT the presentation of legal or moral demands
  • NOT a legalistic response to law
  • NOT the fulfillment of self
  • NOT restricted exclusively to the pastoral office
  • NOT a mechanical method or a slick apologetic technique what is it?

Say the word evangelism to a group of people and fasten your seatbelt in being prepared to receive a plethora of responses.

In our day an age it seems as if the word evangelism stirs up positive emotions of the good old days of tent revivals and negative reactions to fire and brimstone preaching.

In the upcoming series we are going to sort through all of this and try to get back to a Biblical understanding of evangelism while drawing on the early church’s understanding of evangelism.  

So, starting next Monday morning we will have a one week series titled, 


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~pastor matt