It Doesn't Belong To Man (1 of 7)

            The best way to describe missions would be to first start by describing what it is not.  Missions is[1]:
  •       NOT primarily fellowship
  •       NOT primarily prayer
  •       NOT primarily worship
  •       NOT primarily mission trips
  •       NOT primarily the great commission
Rather, missions is,
“God at work seeking to restore His creation to Himself.[2]
Very simply put, it is all too easy for Christians to believe that missions is something that we do.  Rather, missions doesn’t belong to men but it is something that belongs to God.  God is the one that is at work seeking to restore His creation to Himself!  This is good news!  Note in the definition above for missions that it is God who is the subject and also the object of the statement.  This definition of missions is Theo-centric or we could say God-centered rather than man-centered. 

[1] Taken from Unit 2 of DM-954 Class titled, “Strategies for Evangelism & Assimilation.”  Dr. Luke Biggs (Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Missouri), January of 2011
[2] CTCR Theological Statement of Missions, 1986.