Jesus Plus Nothing

    The religious formula these teachers (i.e. false teachers in the 1st century church of Galatia) were using was--and this is a phrase that I will use over and over again--"Jesus plus something."  Paul was livid about this because he knew and was convinced that the true equation is Jesus plus nothing equals salvation.  He also recognized that any time someone teaches "Jesus plus something,"  even if it is just a little something, they are not improving the Gospel, or even distracting from the Gospel.  Teaching Jesus plus something is the utter destruction of the Gospel.

     Getting over "Jesus plus religion" is what Paul's letter to the Galatians is about.  Getting over "Jesus plus something" is what will allow freedom and the fire to come back.  It will allow the Spirit to produce life in us, and in the Church.

Excerpt Taken From:
      The Gospel Uncensored
          Ken Blue and Alden Swan
                (WestBow, 2010), 13.
                    Parentheses added