Who's In Charge Here, Anyway?

Guest Blogger:  Pastor Adam Berge  

As parents of five young children, my wife and I sometimes ask the question, "Who's in charge here, anyway?"  Occasionally, our lovely children have the opinion that they are the boss and we exist to serve their every want and need.  I'm sure I was never like that, right Mom?  Anyway, we parents get to fin loving ways to remind our children of the reality that "the buck stops here" --with mom and dad.  

I think people by nature, want to be the boss.  But we get into trouble when we bring this idea into how we relate to God's Word: the Bible.   We can either place ourselves under the authority of God's Word, or we place ourselves above God's Word.  Does God's Word judge me, or do I judge God's Word?  This reminds me of a conversation I had with a person who basically said, "I don't like the God of the Bible, my God is different."

Whether or not we like the God of the Bible doesn't change the reality that God IS the boss-- the buck stops with Him.  Therefore, it would be childish to pick and choose what parts of the Bible we like and which parts we don't like.  We can't change what the Bible says because "times are different now."  Whether we admit it or not, God is our judge; we are not His judge.  Do you ever wonder how God will judge your life?

Here is the good news about God being our judge: we can trust what He says!  He says we are guilty because of our sin, but He chose to punish Jesus instead of us.  Therefore, God declares His verdict toward us: "You are considered righteous, because of Jesus!"  Since God is the boss, we can trust His judgment.  If we wanted to be the boss, who would we trust?

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