God's Christmas Gift Is Jesus Christ!

"If thou knowest the gift of God..."  John 4:10

God's Christmas gift is Jesus Christ.

Lord teach me to know thy gift.

I am weary of the demands of life.  I know that Thou hast a right to make demands, and I know so well what Thy demands are.  I have sought to meet them.  I believe I dare say: "I have tried with an honest purpose--not only once, but many times."

But, Lord, Thou knowest how I have failed.  It is a futile task.  Each time I have succeeded in rolling the stone almost to the top, it has rolled downhill, and I have had to try again.  

But, Lord, now Thou dost offer me Thy gift.  O Thou kind and merciful God!  All that I lost because I was unable to meet Thy demands I now receive as a gift.  In Thy mercy Thou dost bestow upon me all that I need.  I only sit still, and Thou dost place Thy gift into my hands.  O Lord, continue to give.  Give me much for I am in need of much.  Grant that also today I may know Thy gift more richly and more gloriously than ever before.

Excerpt From: Fredrik Wisloff book titled "Hvil eder litt ~ Rest A While" (Norstrand Books, 1963)