Our Spiritual Life Affects Our Material Life

In follow up to yesterday's post titled, "Stewardship In View Of Corum Deo," I thought it would be helpful to flesh out the idea of giving in the context of grace a little more.  A special thank you to Roy Heggland for sharing these thoughts with PM Notes.


Our spiritual life affects our material life.  The way we view and use our resources is determined by our relationship with God through the Gospel.

Christian Giving:
·        Is the Result of God’s grace given to us
·        Encompasses all of God’s gifts to us including, most importantly, the Gospel (the Word) itself
·        Reflects where our treasure is
·        Is for the benefit of our neighbor, to the glory of God, and for our own spiritual benefit
·        Is determined between ourselves and God
·        Is planned and systematic
·        Is done cheerfully

Giving is NOT done:
·        To win God’s favor
·        Because of a commandment or law
·        Under compulsion

Differences between Demands of the Law and the Grace of the Gospel in Christian Giving:

          1.  Law:  Give and live
     Grace:  Live and give
          2   Law:  Give so you can be someone
               Grace:  You are someone called to give
          3.  Law:  Saved and kept by giving
               Grace:  Saved and kept for giving
          4.  Law:  If we give, then God will bless
               Grace:  God has blessed and we will give