Pelagius: Still A Heretic!

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In a previous blog posting I shared that nearly 500 clergy and parish delegates would be voting on a possible reinstatement of Pelagius at the 105th Council of the Diocese of Atlanta.  Pelagius is the 5th century heretic who is the father of the theological framework referred to as Pelagianism.  The following amendment was read at the 105th Council:  
Committee of Discernment Concerning Pelagius 
Resolved, that this 105th Annual Council of the Diocese of Atlanta  recommend that the Bishop appoint and oversee  a committee of discernment  to consider these matters as a means to understand  the contributions of Pelagius to our tradition; and be it further Resolved, that this committee will report their conclusions at the next Annual Council.
I am happy to report that motion R11-7 was rejected with amendments.  To read more on this story CLICK HERE.

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Eric Tritten said…
Man, how bad do you have to be to be labled a heretic in America. Just sayin!
Anonymous said…
"Pelagius: Still A Heretic!"

Or rather the majority of Prots are still stupid and just follow the councils of Rome like lemmings.