Is Joel Osteen's Anthropology & Theology "Hyper-Pelagian?" What Do You Think?

The picture above is from a Sidney Lutheran Brethren Parishioner.  Apparently, she drew this diagram for some friends while they were having a theological conversation during lunch at a restaurant and then posted it to my Facebook account.  The napkin drawing is of a side by side comparison sheet that I have handed out and often draw at SLBC.  It demonstrates the differences between: Pelagianism, Semi-Pelagianism, Synergism and Monergism.  To see a more comprehensive picture and explanation comparing these four words and four views of theology CLICK HERE (Human Nature and Salvific Work Of God Comparison Sheet).

For the most part I have always been able to summarize the theologies within Christendom by this simple diagram.  However, after listening to a segment from Pastor Brian Wolfmueller (Issues, Etc.) commenting on Joel Osteen's anthropology (i.e. understanding of mankind), I might have to see about creating a 5th category titled, "Hyper-Pelagianism."  What do you think?


Anonymous said…
I always thought Joel Osteen essentially thinks everyone is saved. His God just doesn't condemn anyone at all. That's not Pelagianism...more like Marcionism but without the requirement that you believe.