The Christmas Message Is For Sinners

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"And she shall bring forth a Son, and thou shalt call His name Jesus; for He shall save His people from their sins" ~ Matthew 1:21

The Child which is born shall be called Jesus.  His name embraces  His entire nature and His life's purpose.  He is the Savior who has come to save his people from their sins.  

Had there been no sin on earth, there would have been no Christmas.  Had there been no sinners, there would have been no need of a Savior.  For this very reason the Christmas Gospel is a message for sinners.  And only those who acknowledge their sins can understand the true meaning of Christmas.

The name "Jesus" is the hope of the world; it is the radiant dawn over a generation living in the night of sin; it is salvation and victory for the sinner; it is release for him who is in captivity; it is hope, it is a future, it is eternity.  Without Jesus the world is hopeless darkness.  With Jesus something of heaven comes to earth.

Excerpt take from:  Fredrick Wisloff's book titled, "Hvil eder litt ~ Rest A While" (Nordstrand Books, 1963)