Protecting The Sacredness Of Sex

By Randy Newman

Voluntary vulnerability leads to sexual intimacy and pleasure in marriage.  That's what people are longing for.  In sexual expression, marriage's most intense intercourse, couples allow each other to be 'naked and unashamed.'  They remove their fig leaves that hid imperfections, free themselves to be out of control, and find acceptance instead of ridicule.  They display an aspect of their person-hood that no one else sees or hears or feels, and they find themselves being captivated by the whole experience.  Over time, a relaxing oneness emerges.

Or so it should be. 

Part of the soothing process's power, though, comes from its very secretiveness.  By protecting sex from outside pollutants, a married couple can heal each other at their deepest level of hurt.  They can unify what has been fragmented.  Sex loses that power if it is allowed to be dissipated or made public.  It is no longer sacred.