New Episode From "The Great Exchange"

Airing Date:  August 19th of 2011

Hosts:  Leif Halvorson, Matt Richard, Mike Hussey

What happens to the person of Christ when we have an overly optimistic view of mankind?  What happens to the person of Christ when we have a Biblical view of mankind? 

When we fail to clearly see or underestimate the depravity of mankind, everything gets messed up, especially our understanding and the role of Jesus in the Christian life.  If mankind is viewed as basically good with some bad habits, then Jesus becomes a helper or better yet... a life coach.  Jesus is reduced to a mascot who then simply cheers mankind on in this life. 

However, when we assess mankind in light of the scriptures we come to see that mankind's nature is always much darker and sobering than we usually believe it to be. True, mankind is created in the image of God!  However the fall of mankind in Genesis 3 marred the image making man not mostly dead but dead in sin. A mere life coach or helper are not sufficient with this view of man.  Rather an all-powerful, all-knowing, sufficient savior is needed to deliver mankind from these bodies of sin and death!