The Cohabitation Of Homosexuality And Christianity?

     We are living in a time in society where we are bombarded with the issues of homosexuality. Whether we are watching television, listening to the radio, or visiting with friends at a coffee shop, it seems as if the topics of homosexual marriage, homosexual rights, and the ethics of homosexuality are at the center of many discussions. Even the church has been forced, whether it has wanted to or not, to confront and deal with this issue within its clergy and membership guidelines. Because of societies’ mounting pressure upon the church, many denominations and Christian organizations have taken specific stances with the subject of homosexuality. Many of these churches and organizations have taken measures against homosexuality on the basis of natural revelation and the testimony of scripture. However, there are other churches and organizations that have reconciled homosexuality with the Christian faith. For these Christian organizations, “there are only two ways one can neutralize the biblical witness against homosexual behavior: by gross misinterpretation or by moving away from a high view of scripture.”[1] In other words, to reconcile homosexuality with the norm for faith and conduct, the Bible, there are only two options. 1) Downgrade and de-emphasize the Bible so as to minimize its position, stance and authority. 2) Misinterpret and construe scripture towards one's predetermined worldview (i.e. called isogesis) 
     With regard to institutions that have disregarded the high view of scripture, one cannot argue from the Word of God because the Word is no longer a common playing field or accepted on the same basis. There are different presuppositions in place which does not allow the Word to be an objective and authoritative reference point. Therefore, one must resort to a “left hand kingdom/natural law” approach when discussing the matters of same sex relations. In response to this left hand kingdom/natural law approach, a non-scriptural teaching sheet has been linked, which might be helpful in addressing many common fallacies and misinformed beliefs. 
     As far as associations who support homosexuality (i.e. genital expression between the same sex) on the basis of scripture, the following video by Rev. Fisk below will be beneficial in examining this stance and position from a scriptural and right hand kingdom perspective. 
     Grace and peace to you as you study this subject. May we handle this subject with the utmost compassion, sensitivity and Biblical integrity. PAX

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[1] David K. Clark and Robert V. Rakestraw, Readings in Christian Ethics: Volume 2 (Baker Books, 1996), 177.