Imputed Righteousness: Wednesday's Word Of The Week

Imputed Righteousness is the righteousness of Jesus 'imputed' or credited to the Christians for Christ's sake.  Imputed righteousness is an alien righteousness.  Imputed righteousness is not located in the person but is based in God's activity.    

Thus, it is on the basis of this 'alien' (i.e. outside righteousness) that God accepts humans.  Through faith, this alien or outside righteousness is subjectively credited to humans as if it was their own.

To learn more words and definitions, check out The Lutheran Lexicon.


Anonymous said…
I have not heard of infused righteousness until now. From doing a quick internet search it looks like this would be the Catholic church's viewpoint.
Yes you are correct! Infused righteousness would be Roman Catholic. Imputed Righteousness is what the Lutheran Reformation stood upon. Infused Righteousness = made righteous. Imputed Righteousness = declared righteous.