Letters From Paul The Parishioner (Letter 3: I Confess That I Am Empty Lately)

Dear Pastor Pete,

Thanks for your last letter.  I have to confess though that I have been empty lately.   Week after week I have found myself asking the question, "But how now shall I live?"  I used to be so refreshed by the Word but now your sermons week after week seem to be so knowledge based.  I am gaining head knowledge without being asked, or shown how to alter my life as a result of Christ's work on  my behalf. 

I sit in the pews waiting for you to challenge me.  Does my life match the faith I profess?  Because I am overwhelmed by his grace, does anything change except for my heart?  Is there a way to be taught Christ's grace yet still be shown what it looks like to live for him?

As a Christian for the last 25 years you need to know that people in the pew do want to know how to live the Christian life.  In fact, we are dying to hear it. 

I need more Pastor Pete!  I need something to chew on, something that sticks with me during the week; I need sermons that coach me and encourage me in the way to love the Lord and to live like Jesus.

I will see you Sunday.

Paul The Pretend Parishioner