Reminded Of Protection On Memorial Day

Guest Blogger: Adam Berge

How do you celebrate Memorial Day?  Do you begin with a trip to the cemetery, followed by a family grill out in the park, and then topped off by watching fast cars turn left for three hours at the Indianapolis 500?  Whatever you do, Memorial Day is a day when we remember and honor those who served and sacrificially gave their lives for the good of our country.  It reminds us of the fact that we need others to protect us.

But I don’t need anyone to protect me, right?  I’m not in any danger living in Westby, am I?  Well, perhaps I might just be ignorant of the potential dangers out there.  If we disbanded our military, police, and fire departments, how long do you think it would take until we noticed?  Whether we realize it or not, we need to be protected from danger.   Memorial Day is a day when we are again reminded of this fact.

Are we ignorant of our spiritual danger?  What spiritual dangers should concern us?  Who is protecting us from these dangers?  The Bible says that our Spiritual enemy is Satan.  Whether we realize it or not, he is trying to destroy us so that we spend an eternity in Hell, which is separation from God.  God doesn’t want our enemy to win.  God doesn’t want us to spend our eternity apart from Him.  So He sent our protector to do battle against our enemy Satan.

Jesus protected us by taking all of Satan’s attacks when He sacrificially gave His life for us on the cross.  Fighting in our place, He was wounded with Satan’s greatest attack: death.  But three days later Jesus rose from the dead, proving that even Satan’s worse attack can’t defeat Him!  Those who are trusting Jesus as their protector have nothing to fear!  This Memorial Day, remember that Jesus has defeated Satan and Death.  He can protect you from all danger, both now and for eternity.