One Thing Is Necessary....

A Look At Luke 10:38-42 

Guest Blogger: Serenity Richard 

To hear the Lord speak my name…what would that be like? And not just once…but to speak it twice; making sure my attention was fixed on Him alone. 

I wonder how many times Martha had heard Jesus speak her name before this account recorded in Luke 10? We know that he was a dear friend of the family and that he loved them very much. We also know that he was a welcome guest in their home, a home that Martha took great care to maintain. It wouldn’t be so unusual for Jesus to address Martha by name but why is it recorded for us in scripture? What was so different about this day? Verse 40 states it very clearly for us, Martha was distracted. What was she distracted by: Her serving. Is that even possible…to become distracted by our service to the Lord? But, we might say, things need to get done! We can almost hear Martha defending this accusation of distraction… 
“It needs to be perfect for we are serving the King of Heaven after all…no shortcuts allowed! Mary, pull out the best dishes and please make sure the place settings are correct...oh and did you get a chance to…Mary, Mary did you HEAR a word I just said!? The Teacher is at our house and I NEED your attention! Mary, Mary!” 
We can almost hear the tone of Martha’s voice and see her body language as she communicates the distress she feels as she realizes her sister is…distracted…by the Teacher’s words. 

What an amazing passage for us, especially as women of the church, for we all, at times, find ourselves relating to Martha and at other times find ourselves relating to Mary. For we have had those moments when we communicate to our sisters in Christ that their service is not done in the right way or is not enough. Sadly there are also those moments when we have heard admonishing words or felt them from our sisters in Christ who tell us we need to be serving in a certain manner. 

As we read this account of two sisters we are reminded of how easily we become distracted, even when our intentions are truly honorable. Praise God we have a Father who understands us and a Savior, who knows us by name, who intercedes for us and who meets us where we are at. By His Grace may we be able to extend compassion to one another as we all, together, long for the “one thing that is necessary” to become distracted by His Love for us!!