A Dancing God

Angels at Mamre (Holy Trinity) Rublev
In the seventh century, John of Damascus, a Greek theologian, described the relationship of the persons of God (Trinity) as perichoresis.  Perichoresis means literally, "circle dance."  Choros in ancient Greek referred to a round dance performed at banquets and festive occasions.  The verb form, choreuo, meant to dance in a round dance.  The prefix, peri, emphasized the circularity of the holy dance envisioned by John.  

Based on the biblical descriptions of Father, Son and Spirit, John depicted the three persons of the Trinity in a circle.  A perichoretic image of the Trinity is that of the three persons of God in constant movement in a circle that implies intimacy, equality, unity yet distinction, and love.  

Excerpt Taken From:  George Cladis, Leading from a Team Based Church (Jossey-Bass, 1999), 8.