New Book For Pastors, "Pastor Abusers: When Sheep Attack Their Shepherd"

There have been many excellent books written for parishioners of abusive pastors and structures.  Books like, "The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse" are excellent in helping laypeople identify spiritually abusive churches and how to respond to these corrupt systems.  While pastoral abuse is very real and something to take very serious, I have not seen a plethora of books written about abusive parishioners lashing out towards pastors.  Believe it or not, this does exist.  I have not only witnessed this in churches but have unfortunately experienced it myself.  In past blog postings like, "Church Politics 101," and "Church Politics, Leadership Conflicts & The Dangers Of Autonomous Church Polity," I have attempted to lay out some of the difficulties of deeply embedded oligarchies in the church, as well as identify some of the pitfalls of church politics.  While these blog posts are very good, I have yet to come across a really good comprehensive book on the subject.  

Well, tonight I was recommended the book, "Pastor Abusers."  Several of my friends that I blog with at "Brothers of John The Steadfast" recommended it.  I just got done reading the first chapter and immediately ordered a full copy tonight.  Check out the following that has been taken from Kent Crockett's website:   

Pastor Abusers is a survival manual for pastors who are constantly being attacked by critical church members. How can a pastor defend himself? What is going on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm? What are the pastor's options if he is fired or forced out of the church? The answers are in the 187-page book. 
Who are the “Pastor Abusers”?
  • They are mean-spirited church members whose mission is to attack the pastor and drive him out of the church. In this book you will learn:
  • How Pastor Abusers operate.  
  • Why they are determined to bring you down.  
  • How to recognize when trouble is brewing. 
  • What to do when you’re under attack.  
  • Your four options after you leave the church.
  • Quotes from Abused Pastors
    “It was more than I could take when my wife had an emotional breakdown. As I held her in my arms, she cried uncontrollably, sobbing a few words at a time: ‘All we’ve tried to do . . . is love these people . . . and all we get in return . . . is hate.’” 
    “I went out to my driveway and found a tire on my van had been slashed, as had been a tire on my other car. The same person who had done this had gotten under the hood and removed a relay for the headlights. . . .This group meant business and was determined to get their way.”
    “I started getting obscene phone calls in the middle of the night cursing me out. I received hate mail, cursing me and telling me to go to hell. I would get letters in my box telling me that I was a terrible pastor and that I needed to leave.”
    While I can't give a comprehensive review on this book at this point, I do encourage you to check out Kent's website as well as take an opportunity to read the sample chapter.  (Click here for Sample Chapter)  

    In the upcoming months I will try to do a followup on this post giving a more official book review.  In the mean time, enjoy the reading and feel free to drop your feedback on this book in the comment section below.  

    Note: One note of caution, especially for you fellow pastors.  May we be very cautious when reading this subject material.  It is easy for us to fall into the victim mentality and thus generate additional drama in our churches and lives.  Refer to Karpman's Drama Triangle HERE to learn more about the different roles and situations that 'fuel' conflict and drama.

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    Anonymous said…
    There is a great quote that comes at the end of chapter two on page 34.

    "Because few churches exercise church discipline, pastor abusers are rarelt held accountable for their actions. This emboldens them to keep attacking God's shpeherds, knowing that no one will challenge their despicable behavior. Eventually someone must take a stand against the abusers and hold them accountable, or their attacks will never end. Church discipline is essential if we're ever going to solve the pastor abuser problem."