Maybe Christianity, Like Properly Prepared Lutefisk, Is Worth Another Taste

This week I’m all revved up about “Lutefisk” space With the celebration of Syttende Mai just around the corner, I’m sure the lutefisk is flying off the grocery store shelves faster than it would take Ole and Sven to change a light bulb. Have you ever tried lutefisk? Do you like it? There are a wide variety of opinions on lutefisk ranging from one’s favorite food to a weapon of mass destruction. I tried it once in my early teenage years and needless to say, I haven’t gone back for seconds. However, since moving to Westby I have been informed that the reason I didn’t like lutefisk was that it wasn’t properly prepared. I guess there are multiple ways to cook lutefisk which directly determine its taste and texture. How do you like your lutefisk? 

Just like there are different ways to experience lutefisk, there are different ways people experience Christianity. Sometimes Christianity is too well done; it is heavy handed and all about rules. All the good news about Jesus is cooked right out and you are left with a strict code of conduct that leaves a bad aftertaste in your mouth.

Sometimes Christianity is like lightly boiled lutefisk, so soft and gooey that you don’t really know what is going on. Sometimes Christianity is presented without any texture or details; the Bible is ignored and replaced with a collection of warm and fuzzy stories about nothing in particular. It’s tough to swallow because there is no substance to it.

How do you like your Christianity? Maybe you’ve been turned off to Christianity because it hasn’t been prepared properly. Well prepared Christianity tastes great to your eternal soul and provides strength for your day. Its substance is firmly found in the Bible and it is flavored with the good news of Jesus Christ. Maybe Christianity, like properly prepared lutefisk, is worth another taste.