The Top 10 Blog Posts From 2011

As we begin 2012 on PM Notes, let us pause today and  examine the Top Ten Posts from 2011.  It was a great year!

  1. Defeating The Monster Of Uncertainty
  2. It Is Jesus With A Period, Not A Comma
  3. The Theology of Rob Bell: Making Evil Good & Good Evil?
  4. Virtue To Grace: Why The Converted Need To Be Converted!
  5. Abuse Does Not Destroy The Essence, But Confirms It
  6. Mixing Law & Gospel Is Like Blending Manure & Ice Cream
  7. What's Your Perspective On The Sacraments?
  8. Stewardship In View Of Coram Deo
  9. Christ's Work For Us... But Not Within Us?
  10. Is Your Gospel Threatened By Immorality?
Other Notable Posts:
  1. Re-Thinking The Use Of "Visuals" In Sermon Messages
  2. How Are We To Understand Repentance?
  3. Is God A Bush?
  4. The Pelagian Captivity Of Evangelicalism

I look forward to 2012!  We will be on a great journey of learning the scriptures, being formed by the Gospel and gaining insights into dividing Law & Gospel.  Thanks for a great year!