New Testament Parables Are Like Modern Political Cartoons!

Parables, are they earthly stories with a heavenly meaning?  While there is some truth to this definition, C.F.D. Moule offers up a much more comprehensive understanding of parables.  He states, 
"A parable is like a modern political cartoon.  A good cartoon presents an interpretative analogy, and it is for the viewer to work out its meaning, first by understanding it, then by reacting to it critically and, finally, by taking action accordingly.  If the viewer is half-witted or stupid or so shallow as to be virtually incapable of being educated, no doubt he will see nothing but the mere picture, and he will not get further than saying that he likes it or dislikes it.  But anyone with a grain of intelligence will respond in one way or another.  He will say, 'Yes of course that is exactly what is happening.  I hadn't seen it so clearly before, but now I know that I mustn't vote Conservative [or whatever it may be] again.'  Or perhaps he will say, 'Yes, I see what the cartoonist is getting at, but I don't think his interpretation is fair.  He is being cruel to X, who isn't really doing what the hog in the picture is doing.'  The moment the viewer is responding in one way or another, he and the cartoonist have entered into a partnership in creating something; education is proceeding."
R.T. France expounds a bit more on this subjecting stating, "Even those parables that take the form of a 'story' are often not simple illustrations of heavenly truth.  They tend to puzzle as much as enlighten, and are designed to shock and challenge rather than to offer reassuring explanations or illustrations of moral platitudes."   

The parables of Jesus challenged the original audience and still challenge us today.  When their meanings are discovered they bring about a call of response to our attitude, worldview, actions, etc...  When one understands the parables of Jesus, one typically has already been changed, not just enlightened.  (R.T. France ~ Commentary on Mark)

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