Predestination: Word of the Week

Single Predestination:
Single predestination is the teaching that God elects men to be saved from the foundation of time.  In Lutheran doctrine, single predestination must be distinguished from double predestination.  Single predestination is for the sake of the Gospel but does not hold to God electing some to damnation.  It is a doctrine of comfort; one that grants assurance to the believer. 

Double Predestination:
The Calvinist teaching that God, by His sovereign will, has elected some to everlasting salvation (elect) and some to everlasting condemnation (the reprobate.)  This is contrary to the Lutheran view of predestination, that God' eternal predestination is a gift given through the cross of Christ and that condemnation comes only as a result of rejecting this gift.  

Source:  The Lutheran Wiktionary


Amy K said…
My leadership team and I were recently in a discussion and proceeded to go on a fact finding mission about this word! Thanks for stating it more clearly than all of the google sites we visited!