Pelagianism: Word of the Week

The theology of Pelagianism comes from a fourth century British monk named Pelagius.  He taught that man is basically good and can move toward God by his own power, without the grace of the Holy Spirit.  Man can convert himself to God, believe the Gospel, whole-heartedly obey God's Law and thus merit forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

Source:  Tim Ysteboe, We Believe (Faith and Fellowship, 2010), 55-56.


Pastor João said…
This may be an over simplistic definition. It isn'T wrong, it just has a wrong emphasis. One should also be aware that for polemical purposes semi pelagianism and pelagianism has the protestant connotation of works righteousness.

Even more importantly, Pelagianism taught Christs example inspired our attempts to lead a sinless life.
For a much more comprehensive look at Pelagianism I would suggest:


Grace and Peace to you John.