Jesus VS. Religion? You Be The Judge!

There is a new viral video that is circulating called, "Why I Hate Religion, But Love Jesus."  I watched it the other day and cringed at portions of this video but also found myself offering up "Amen" at some points. Check it out below.

The next day Rev. Jonathan Fisk did a video response.  Check it out below.

While, I can certainly sense and identify with the first video, I am going to have to side with Rev. Fisk.  I have to confess that I have spoken in frustration against the church and have actually used several of the arguments against the church that the first video presented.  However, as much as I get frustrated with the church, she will always be my mother.  This very unfaithful bride of Christ is the one that baptized me, kept me and has delivered me the Gospel.  The church is my family.  Water is thicker than blood.  Our enemy my friends is not the church but it is legalism and hypocrisy that is found in each and everyone of us! 

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Steve Paulson said…
I also cringed at many points during the first video. I felt the heart of what he was saying, but also agree with Fisk on many points. I DO think Fisk took certain things out of their intended context (the "I'm not judging" remix section in particular) which is unfair--really torques me when my words are taken out of their intended context. But at the end of the day there is a major disconnect when it comes to definition of terms. When you're speaking with societally/culturally loaded terms you must, must, MUST define them with crystal clarity. But even then someone will hear the wrong thing. We all think we have perfect ears.