Well, That Was Awkward...

Thanks to Tamara Figueroa for the Picture from Southern California
Well, May 21st came and went, making the whole end of the world predictions from Harold Camping simply... awkward.  In the words of Michael Horton, writing before May 21st, "Of course, Jesus may return tomorrow, or the next day, or long after we die. We simply do not know. However, we can be sure that the errors that he (Pastor Camping) teaches—quite apart from his failed predictions—are enough to regard him, tragically, as a false prophet."

The following post from Michael Horton was actually written for the followers of Harold Camping to read on May 22, after their leader’s failed prediction of Judgment Day on May 21 passed.  

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To summarize the hype of the last week surrounding Harold Camping, Paul McCain from Cyberbrethren.com  directly, yet compassionately, says, 
"Holy Scripture explicitly warns against those who claim to know when the end of all things shall be. Our Lord says to be prepared for the end, much as one might prepare for a thief to come in the night. You make your preparations, you get ready, but you never know when He will return.So, rather than chuckle and make fun and jokes, let us lament that Mr. Camping is simply taking what is latent in much of American protestantism to an extreme degree, but it is rotten fruit born of the rotten tree of millennialism. Repent therefore of any temptation you have felt to believe all this false teaching and nonsense and then, dear friend, turn to the Lord of the Ages who welcomes you into His eternal kingdom, in the here and now, through the precious Gospel that gives you complete forgiveness and a home forever in heaven with all the saints and those who have gone before."
The Gospel is for you my friends in the here and now... our expectant eyes and hearts are free to rest in the one who watches over us.

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