Building A Theology For Osama Bin Laden

Monday was my day off so I had plenty of time to surf the web, read and contemplate the events of the Bin Laden take down.  As I read, I came across comments ranging from pacifism to embittered vengeance.  Not only that, it seemed as if Facebook had been flooded with pithy scripture verses pulled out of context in support for one's pacifism and/or vengeance stance. Furthermore, as I spent time looking at people's posts on Facebook I became convinced that it will be very difficult for some well-meaning Christians to reconcile the events of Bin Laden with their current Christian worldview.   The reason being, many Christians haven't  been exposed to, nor have the necessary understanding of the doctrine of vocation, the doctrine of the two kingdoms and law & gospel.  In other words, the above doctrines are critical in shaping one's worldview (i.e. epistemology), so that one can properly process the events of the last couple of days within the context of scripture.  In my opinion, without the presuppositional views of vocation, the two-kingdoms and law & gospel one cannot rest in the paradoxical nature of scripture on this issue... thus resulting in one of the extremes of pacifism or embittered vengeance.  

Below are two helpful and enlightening articles that will aid us in building a theology of the two kingdoms and a theology of vocation.  They will build and shape our theology so that we can process the take down of Osama Bin Laden and ultimately process the events of the War on Terror.  Enjoy the read...

Living in Two Kingdoms: Peace or War? Order or Chaos?
(Understanding the Doctrine of the Two Kingdoms)
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Called To Be Citizens
(Understanding the Doctrine of Vocation)
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