Is The Gospel Enough To Save Still-Sinful-Christians?

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Here are some pretty good thoughts from Dr. Rod Rosenbladt below.  

Enjoy the Gospel.

Pastor Matt


We are pretty sure that unbelievers who come to believe the Gospel are instantly justified in God’s sight, declared as if innocent, adopted as sons or daughters, forgiven of all sin, given eternal life, etc.  But are Christians still saved that freely?  Or are we not?  Is the blood of Christ enough to save a still-sinful-Christian?  Or isn't it?  Does the Gospel still apply, even if you are a Christian?  Or doesn't it?  

We are pretty clear that imputed righteousness saves sinners.  But can the imputed righteousness of Christ save a Christian?  And can it save him or her all by itself?  Is Paul’s letter to the Galatians true or no?  And if Galatians is true (and it most certainly is), can a failing Christian be saved simply by the cross and blood of Christ?  Or can he or she not be so saved just by Christ’s shed blood alone?  If you answer, “Yes, he or she can,” well, that’s the message that’s gotten lost...

You see, it isn’t just that we failures will get in.  It’s that we will probably get in like that!  We failures-in-living-the-Christian-life-as-described-in-the-Bible will probably say something like, “You mean it was that simple?!”  “Just Christ’s cross and blood?!  Just His righteousness imputed to my account as if mine?  You gotta be kidding!”  “And all of heaven is ours just because of what was done by Jesus outside of me, on the cross — not because of what Christ did in me” – in my heart, in my Christian living, in my behavior?!”  “Well, I’ll be damned!”  But, of course, that’s the point isn’t it?  As a believer in Jesus as your Substitute, you won’t be damned!  No believer in Jesus will be.  Not a single one!

Excerpt From:
Rod Rosenbladt's "The Gospel For Those Broken By The Church."