New! The Lutheran Lexicon...

Brand New!  The Lutheran Lexicon

Over the past several weeks I have had parishioners approach me with wanting clarity on terms that they are reading and hearing.  I've also noticed from my blog postings that some of the terminology has been getting lost in translation.  So, over the last week I've been working with a couple of parishioners in putting together a Dictionary... aka, "The Lutheran Lexicon."

The Lutheran Lexicon is a collection of definitions to help you in your reading of the "PM Notes" blog and other Christian material.  It is written from a Lutheran Perspective and has each definition source posted below the selected word.  This is a great resource that will serve you in helping clarify some of those complex terms that you may have come across in your readings; terms that  you may have been to afraid to ask others what they mean.  Oh, and in case you are wondering...  a Lexicon is simply a Dictionary.  :-)  The title of "The Lutheran Lexicon" just sounded a little more unique than "The Lutheran Dictionary."  

Also, if you come across any typos or definitions that are not clear, feel free to let me know.  And if I am missing any terms that might be valuable to have, don't hesitate to let me know and I will add them.  I believe that this Lutheran Lexicon will be a work in progress for awhile.   

For those of you that have blogs, you might want to consider putting a link of The Lutheran Lexicon on your blog.  The URL address is:

Enjoy the Lutheran Lexicon!