Hating Sin... A Gift Of Grace? (Romans 7:16)

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Romans 7:16, "Now if I do what I do not want, I agree that the law is good."

Paul is of a mind and attitude that is in agreement with the law.  He condemns the evil which the law condemns and agrees that the law is good.  When we possess this attitude, irrespective of how evil the flesh may be, we have a spirit which agrees with God's Spirit, agreeing with the law and holding it to be good and precious.

This view constitutes an attitude and witness that we love what God loves and hate what he hates.  This is so real that we suffer from every deviation from the law so revealing of his will.

The work of grace in believers is often so hidden in them that when severe and persistent temptations are overwhelming, they come near to despairing of themselves.  They become so downcast that they are unaware that this very suffering and struggling is a sign not unlike that of a person trying to be righteous by way of the law. This is a question of truth and reality as the Apostle Paul considers it, of hatred for sin and not a selfish endeavor to escape the consequences of sin.  

This kind of sin-hatred is not found in one's heart by nature.  It cannot be acquired by effort.  But is is born in the heart only by grace as the Holy Spirit performs hi sacred work in the believer.  Then a person comes to love God's law and hate sin without thought of threats or promises of the law.

Source:  C.O. Rosenius (Commentary on Romans)