That Dog Is Going To Kill You...

Imagine your uncle has a pit bull, a mean pit bull, and every time you visit things are in a desperate state of disrepair. The curtains are ripped off the wall, the couch cushions are shredded, food and filth cover the floor, and blood. That blood is the blood of your cousins and your aunt. They're all in the hospital because this pit bull attacked them. And your uncle also has wounds from this mad dog, a missing finger, gashes on his face, stitches in his leg. You know that if your uncle lives much longer with that dog that he'll die. 

“This is insanity”, you say to your uncle through the window, shouting over the dog's growl, “That dog's going to kill you.” “Nonsense,” he shouts back, “I've just got to work harder training him.” Your uncle holds up the books that just came in the mail, Forty Days of Dog Training Purpose, Your Best Pit Bull Now!, Become a Better Pit Bull, books that will soon be eaten by this mad dog just like all the rest. 

Anyone, observing this situation from the outside, can see the insanity. You can't train a dog like this. And yet this is how most Christians treat their old Adam, their sinful flesh. They are busy trying to train and reform the sinful flesh. Insanity. You can't teach the Old Adam new tricks. There is only one thing to do with our sinful flesh: put it to death.


Steve Martin said…
Excellent! Thanks, Matt!

I think it was just a coincidence, but I had a similar post on the same topic on the same day.

The only difference was i had a much meaner dog in my photo. :D
I will have to check it out Steve...