A False Inspiration Of Hope (Romans 7:11)

Romans 7:11, "For sin, finding opportunity in the commandment deceived me and by it killed me."

We can be deceived by sin and the law.  Instead of life gained by the law it actually proves to be death.  Sin through the commandment, deceives us, causing us to suppose that we can merit life by doing good works.  But when we are led into the truth, when confrontation comes in meeting Christ, we realize that life is not in the law; it is only in the Savior.

Sin, finding occasion in the law, deceives in two ways.  It inspires with hope that we can become acceptable to God by good works.  Secondly, it stimulates desire for what is forbidden.

The law promises life by doing doing good and endeavoring to fulfill the law.  It appeals to our pride, prompting us to believe that we may gain life by our own righteousness.  Our nature is easily influenced by a Satanic impulse, "you shall be as God."  This deeply rooted inclination, stimulated by pride, hopes for comfort in the law.  But this becomes a pharisaic fault, persuading a person to imagine that eh can gain eternal life by works.  Then the unveiling truth comes that life is put to death by the very law itself.  Even awakened souls are plagued by this deception of sin.  It must come experientially that we also are slain by the law.  But our heavenly Father wants to give us grace without our paying for it, when we realize that by and of ourselves we are utterly lost and when we take refuge in grace alone through Jesus Christ.  

Source:  Romans (C.O. Rosenius)