A Lutheran View Of Sanctification (Forde)

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Here is an essay by Gerhard Forde, former Professor of Theology at Luther Seminary, now with the Lord. He represents the Lutheran view in the book, Christian Spirituality: Five Views of Sanctification (Downers Grove, IL: IVP, 1988). This is a fascinating article by Forde that I consider a must read for everyone.  The bulk of what Forde is saying and its repercussions are momentous. God’s grace and peace to you as you read Forde’s powerful explanation of a Lutheran’s View of Sanctification.

Pastor Matt 


Cindy Stokes said…
This is very helpful! I am doing a series of blog posts on Dallas Willard's "The Divine Conspiracy" and I'm on Chapter 2 where he attacks the idea that becoming a Christian is only and inward thing and involves no outward transformation. I am confused as to how to attack his position because he's confusing Law and Gospel something fierce. He makes annoying vague assertions pointed at vague groups of unnamed groups of Christians. But I would definitely like to post a link to this post at the end of the post I'm working on now. I love Gerhard Forde. I've read his Theology of the Cross book, but I haven't read this other book. I'll have to check it out. (Along with a thousand other books I intend to read, right? Once you learn to love old books, though Forde is pretty recent, your reading to-do list is getting overwhelming. :) )
Hey Cindy,

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