Celebrating Easter Is Like Looking At An Old Photo Album

Guest Blogger:  Adam Berge

From time to time I enjoy looking through the old family photo albums of my life as a kid. It brings back good memories of a simpler time. But there is one thing strangely absent from those pictures: my dear mother. Don’t worry, nothing tragic happened to my mother (other than raising three boys – sorry mom), she was just the only one who took any pictures – that is why she was never in any of them!

That trait has been passed down to my family today – my wife takes all the pictures. I always seem to be focused on enjoying the moments we are having with our kids, while she makes sure to focus the camera and capture those moments so that in the future we can remember the past. There are some moments in life that we never want to forget, however we all have a few pictures that we want to forget about, right?

Celebrating Easter is sort of like looking at an old family photo album. Every year we remember Jesus’ death and resurrection, but why? The crucifixion sure doesn’t have the “cuteness” factor of baby Jesus in a manger at Christmas. The picture of Jesus on the cross sure seems like one of those photos that we want to forget.

Why is the death and resurrection of Jesus worth remembering? Because this is how God chose to restore us into a right relationship with Himself. Jesus died on the cross as our substitute, taking the full wrath of God toward our sin. Jesus rose from the dead and proved His victory over death. The reason we look at Jesus’ photo album each Easter season is because trusting in Jesus’ work for us includes us God’s family! We get to be in God’s eternal family photo album.