Being Really Sorry Does Not Save A Person Or Cause The Forgiveness Of Sins (Law & Gospel In Laymen's Terms)

Thesis XII Of Walther's Law and Gospel In Laymen's Terms

One's sorrow is not the cause of the forgiveness of sins.  Now don't get me wrong here, sorrow for sin (i.e. contrition) is a very good thing.  It is good when a person becomes alarmed of their own sinful nature and has been shaken from man-made security, but this does not save a person or cause forgiveness of sins to happen.  Rather, when a person becomes aware of their own sinfulness, it causes them to be open for a solution outside of themselves.  Thus when an individual receives the forgiveness of sins in Jesus, it is not through their sorrow but through faith, faith that receives.  

You see, sorrow for sin is brought about as a result of God's Law confronting a person.  If sorrow for sin actually caused or receives forgiveness, then that would mean that the Law delivers forgiveness of sins.  Sorrow for sin cannot be placed alongside faith as a cause for the forgiveness of sin.  May this confusion of Law and Gospel never be.