What Is The Difference Between a "Theology of Glory" and a "Theology of the Cross?"

A Theology of Glory and A Theology of the Cross!  They are completely different in nature and cannot be mixed.  In fact, it has been said that every major religion in the world can be categorized as a Theology of Glory, whereas, Christianity stands alone underneath the banner of "Cross Theology."  

So what are the differences between these two theologies?  Unfortunately, I cannot simply share the differences in one word or sentence.  The reason being, they are two theological frameworks in which people view the Bible, life and reality through.  

You may be saying to yourself, "I have never heard of these terms before, are they new?"  The Theology of the Cross and the Theology of Glory are nothing new.  In fact we see the conflict  between the two theologies displayed clearly in the book of Job as well as Ecclesiastes.  The terms though can be attributed to Martin Luther. 

This blog post is a compilation of material to give you a comprehensive view on these two theologies.  Be prepared to have your eyes opened when you lay these theologies side by side.  Comparing and Contrasting the two will bring about a definite paradigm shift.  So, enjoy the following material from the various authors and contributors.  PAX.

An Overview On The Differences
Between Glory and Cross Theology

Sermons On The Differences
Between Glory and Cross Theology

Articles On The Differences 
Between Glory and Cross Theology

PDF Teaching Sheet Diagrams On The 
Differences Between Glory and Cross Theology

Audio Series On Glory and Cross Theology

For A Deeper Study On The 
Differences Between Glory and Cross Theology


Emily Cook said…
Thank you for this great resource!
Emily Cook
No problem Emily. It is great stuff. I would highly recommend listening to the 6 part series by Tom Baker. Excellent Stuff. If you are really ambitious, the book by Forde is simply awesome too!

Unknown said…
Thank you for all the great resources! It seems like the link to Tom Baker's lectures is broken. Is there a way for me to get my hands on this audio lecture?

Matt Johnson, try the following link: