Why Don't You Just Throw Rocks At Your Parishioners!

Let's check out a very poor sermon outline for a moment so that we can learn what "not to do!"

Title:  Promises and Threatening In The Word Of God

  1. Promises For Us
  2. Threatenings For Us
"When I hear these parts of the sermon announced, I say to myself:  First the preacher is going to comfort me; then he will proceed to throw rocks at me, causing me to forget everything that he said at the start.  No; first you must come down on your hearers with the Law and then bind up their wound with the divine promises.  When a preacher concludes his sermons with threatenings, he has gone far towards making that sermon unproductive."

Taken from:  The Proper Distinction Between Law and Gospel By Dr. C.F.W. Walther


Denton of F-V said…
Had a prof. in seminary that said the sermon isn't finished until we answer the "so what?" What he meant was we have to explain what the person has to do with what was preached. After several years in ministry, I became a Lutheran pastor convinced by Scripture that actually sermons shouldn't end with that at all. They end with what Jesus already has done. Good post. Thanks.