A Mother's Journey From Being A Baptist To Lutheranism

I just finished reading a blog post titled, "The Girl's Baptism and Reflection," from one of my parishioners at Sidney Lutheran Brethren Church.  She shares her journey from being a Baptist to discovering Lutheranism.  She expounds on her wrestling with infant baptism in her post.  Here is an excerpt:
"To a Lutheran, we are all completely depraved and helpless like an infant. The fact that God gives any of us belief is as incomprehensible as giving an infant belief. We are the ones who put worth on our knowledge and age. To tell you the truth I am still trying to balance the way I grew up with my new found information. But I have to say, I think the Lutherans have a point. Who am I to say I can understand God's will any better than my girls can understand mine at times. I mean really, they think... CLICK HERE TO READ MORE"
Thanks for the post Kim.  You are not only a blessing to your family but also your children!  I look forward to reading more posts like this.


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Gary said…
Baptists need to think really hard about her important point:

We are all as helpless as infants in relation to our salvation. We don't come to Christ in a free-will decision to "accept" him. He comes to us and gives salvation as a free gift.

He can choose to come to you as an infant in baptism or he can come to you as an adult who hears the gospel for the first time and believes.

Salvation is all God. Baptists need to stop believing that their adult maturity and intellect are prerequisites for God to save them.