I’m All Revved Up About Coffee

Guest Blogger: Adam Berge

My first experience with regular coffee consumption was as a senior in college. I had a full load of classes, a job, and was recently engaged – I needed more time! So I purchased a coffee maker for $15 and soon realized that one cup of coffee was equal to one hour of sleep replacement. Coffee helped me graduate from college, keep my job, and get married – not too bad.

However, looking back, I didn’t need a cup of coffee, I just needed more sleep – that was my real problem! Coffee was just a mask to cover up my real problem. Eventually, I needed to learn how to balance my life, to say “no” to some good things, and to be disciplined enough to get enough sleep to be ready for the challenges of tomorrow. Coffee fooled me into thinking everything was OK. Coffee made me numb, unable to feel the reality of my tired and worn out condition.

Whether it is a pot of coffee, a new boat, a better job, or something else, what are you using to mask and cover up your real problem? The Bible says our real, ultimate problem is that our sin has separated us from God. God is holy and perfect, we cannot stand before Him in our sinful condition. We need something to cover up our sin so that we can be in a right standing with God!

We do many things to numb our conscience to convince us that everything is OK. “I’m not as bad as that guy”, or “God loves everybody, so I must be alright”, or “I’ve tried to live a good life”. However, if your answer does not include Jesus, the Bible says it is just flat out wrong. If your answer doesn’t include Jesus, you are basically saying that Jesus died for nothing! Jesus is the only covering for your sin that God accepts. A cup of coffee might help get you through the day, but trusting in Jesus will help get you through for eternity.


Nathan said…
This "SO" hit the mark for me (as I'm drinking my double espresso shot latte)! Ouch! Unfortunately, I can relate all too well to what you describe above. Would you mind if I re-posted your entry in my blog (giving credit obviously and linking people here)?

Thanks Matt for your words!