PM Notes: Top 10 Essential Books

Below is my Top 10 List of the most influential books that I have read over the last 10 year.  (FYI: I did not include the Bible or the Lutheran Confessional Writings in the list, for those are 'givens.') The following list are books that substantially impacted my epistemology and my ministry.  May they be a blessing to you as they were to me.  

  1. On Being A Theologian Of The Cross: Reflections On Luther's Heidelberg Disputation, 1518 (Gerhard Forde)
  2. Law & Gospel: How To Read And Apply The Bible (C.F.W. Walther)
  3. One In The Gospel: The Formula Of Concord For Today (Friedemann Hebert)
  4. The Captivation Of The Will: Luther And Erasmus On Freedom And Bondage (Martin Luther via Gerhard Ford)
  5. The Seduction Of Extremes: Swallowing Camels And Straining Knats (Peter Kurowski)
  6. The Ragamuffin Gospel: Good News For The Bedraggled, Beat-Up And Burnt Out (Brennan Manning)
  7. Christ Esteem: Where The Search For Self-Esteem Ends (Don Matzat)
  8. The Spirituality Of The Cross: The Way Of The First Evangelicals (Gene Edward Veith)
  9. Christless Christianity: The Alternative Gospel Of The American Church (Michael Horton)
  10. The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse: Recognizing And Escaping Spiritual Manipulation And False Spiritual Authority Within The Church (Jeff VanVonderen & David Johnson)
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Why Not Hermann Sasse?
Great question. The reason being, I had not discovered him yet at this point of writing this post.