Postmodernism: Word Of The Week

Postmodernism is the basic philosophy of western civilization in our current age. It began to appear on the cultural scene roughly around the 1970's as modernism began to fade.

In looking to our culture it is easy to see that discussion of 'spiritual things' is more allowable than it was a generation ago. However, in terms of knowledge and truth, postmodernism is as relativistic, and maybe even more so than modernism. Thus, any hope at having 'true' diaglogue over things of absolute truth is virtually impossible. Postmodernism links the meaning of words to personal preference and experience rather than anchoring words to an outside objective approach. The openness to the 'spiritual' in postmodernism has given rise to opportunities for dialog. However, personal experience can color understanding and certainly makes communication difficult. 

Source: The Lutheran Wiktionary


One's own personal truth rules the interpretive grid. Within Christianity many I know accentuate one's "private revelation from God" and assume one to be a "baby Christian" unless an audible voice from God is heard. There is no conversation about God with them... you're insufficiently enlightened. If sola scriptura is embraced you're labeled as cold dead christian for hanging on to a man made tradition.