Composing 95 Theses For A Modern Reformation?

Last week I was on vacation with my wife to a White Horse Inn Conference at Sea.  At the conference one of the objectives, other than relaxing, was to begin a five year process of composing 95 Theses for a Modern Reformation.  This is a five year process that White Horse Inn is undertaking.

What are the 95 Theses?  The original 95 Theses were 95 statements that Martin Luther drafted in 1517 A.D. confronting the church on various abuses and struggles.  From my understanding, copies of the 95 Theses were made and within 2 weeks everyone in Germany had a copy.  Within 2 months all of Europe was reading and discussing the theses.  The 95 Theses are thought of as the starting point of the 16th Century Reformation.  To learn more about the 95 Theses CLICK HERE.

But why 95 Theses for today's American Church?  There has been a tremendous concern among some pastors and theologians about the health and status of today's church.  Many are calling for a Modern Reformation of the church today.  For myself I have expressed my concerns in a previous post titled, "The Pelagian Captivity of Evangelicalism.  What the Reformers Would Think of Modern Evangelicalism."  

The group that I was involved in drafted up 5 Theses on the topic of mankind, sin and man's anthropology... aka, mankind's sinful nature.  They are posted below.

Obviously this is just the tip of the iceberg.  This is a 5 year process where countless theses will be submitted, dissected and processed.  For now, our prayers are with the White Horse Inn staff and ministry as they continue in this wonderful endeavor!

If you could construct several theses for the modern church today, what would they be?


Anonymous said…
From the last part of the third statement...

"and complete inability to fulfill Gods holy law."

Ought to read: "and an inherent inability to completely fulfill Gods holy law."
One of the things that we realized and that was pointed out was that these 5 Theses failed to connect our sinfulness to Adam and the fall of Genesis 3. Praise God for the body of Christ working together for the Glory of God!
Unknown said…
We have taken a God of All Nations and reduced Him to a god of America. Modernity has turned God into big business. Politicians hide behind His name for votes.