How To Hear The Voice Of God In 3 Easy Steps

I read the following on the blog "Better Than Sacrifice" and simply had to re-post.



We all want to hear from God. Now you can share the secret closely guarded by our forebears in the faith. This simple yet ancient formula will enable you to experience the voice of God speaking directly into your life:

1) Get hold of a reliable translation of the Bible, such as the NKJV or the ESV. (Sorry, no, The Message doesn’t work for this spiritual discipline.)

2) Open it.

3) Read.


HAHA! Nice one! It's true too. I'm inundated with people who have their personal revelations from God. In fact, they're so in God's "inner circle" they get revelations from God for others. Must be nice to have your own "hotline" from God.