Everyday Is "Not" A Friday

Picture by: Leif Halvorson
The seven sections of Joel Osteen's new book, "Everyday A Friday" are as follows:
  • Don't Give Away Your Power
  • Know What To Ignore
  • Live Without Crutches
  • Laugh Often
  • Celebrate Yourself
  • Travel Light
  • Be A Dream Releaser
While we could spend time on this blog posting picking apart the section titles I would rather redirect you to a much more thorough review of the book by Brian Wolfmueller on Issues, Etc.  

Issues, Etc. Book Review Part 1
Issues, Etc. Book Review Part 2

Brian Wolfmueller also posted a wonderful articles called, "Joel Osteen Versus Martin Luther."  It is amazing to see both of the theologies laid side by side.  Comparing and contrasting is very powerful.