Revivalism, Worship & The Fourfold Pattern Of Worship

The typical evangelical worship service has a Sunday morning service designed and modeled off the old revival meeting.  The music and the structure of the service are all designed to build and funnel a person up to the sermon.  The sermon then will give the extra nudge that is needed for the individual to make a 'response' or 'come forward' to an alter call that is positioned at the end of the service.  While we could take a whole week to discuss 'alter calls' and the 'revival' this post is meant to share a very different format for worship... The Fourfold Pattern Of Worship.  

The Fourfold Pattern Of Worship answers four questions.  

1) Why do we go to church?
2) What is the main purpose of Sunday worship?
3) What happens at church?
4) What does Sunday morning worship have to do with the rest of the week?

Check it out, I believe you will be amazed by the simplicity, the narrative quality and scriptural centered-ness of this worship format!  

Click Here to view the Fourfold Pattern Of Worship