New Series: Understanding Good Works

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        For the longest time I used to believe that what separated Christians from nonbelievers was the degree and quality of the good works that were produced.  I naively believed that Christians did really good works and nonbelievers did poor to average works.  However, as time passed, my theory on good works was demolished by an agnostic woman, we will call her Susan.  Susan, was a self-proclaimed agnostic who had been married for 20 years, didn’t abuse alcohol, was generous with financial gifts, didn’t cuss and lavished love on everybody she met.  Frankly, her good works were far supreme to that of the greatest of saints that I had met in the church.  Needless to say, Susan destroyed and undercut my theory and theology of good works.  
        So what does one do with Susan and the doctrine of good works?  In the upcoming week and part of next week at PM Notes, we will be exploring the doctrine of good works to shed further light on this subject.   Enjoy the journey.