Confessions Of A Pastor: No, I Don't Believe In Premarital Sex!

Sometimes you just have to laugh at small town gossip.  Over the last two years there has been a rumor in my town of Sidney that I am the liberal pastor that doesn't have a problem with premarital sex.  Last I heard, the gossip has foolishly evolved to the point that I am supposedly advocating for and teaching premarital sex to my confirmation students.  Like I said, sometimes you just have to laugh.  "So, how did this gossip start," you may be asking?  I am not totally sure but if I were to guess I would have to say that it probably has something to do with someone jumping to conclusions about my decision not  to teach nor endorse the limited tenets of abstinence.  Now, before you jump to conclusions yourself, may I suggest that you read the article below to understand just why I struggle with the teachings of abstinence?  As you read you will be introduced to a much more comprehensive view of sexual purity called chastity.  As you read you may find yourself exchanging your views of abstinence for the theology of chastity... and who knows, you might even find yourself being a liberal like me!  :-) 

Click Here to read the articled tilted, "Chastity... Not Abstinence!"

Note: This is the posting for September 24th released a day early.