Walther's Law and Gospel In Layman's Terms

Don't you just get a kick out of Walther's picture?  Anyway, that is a whole different subject!  On to our posting...

For devotions and discipleship, one of my staff and I are going to be working our way through C.F.W. Walther's book titled, "Law and Gospel."  As a project I thought I would take up the challenge of writing each of Walther's theses in layman's terms and in so doing, flesh out a basic summary of each thesis.  This series will be titled, "Walther in the 21st Century" and it will be stretched out over the next month, therefore, check in from time to time.  Also, feel free to post any of your thoughts in the reply box so as to give me a hand!  

For today, take a shot at the Law and Gospel Quiz by clicking here or check out the highlighted summary of Law and Gospel by clicking here.  

Pastor Matt

Note:  First posting in this series will be on July 28th.  For more PDF Teaching Sheets click here.