Who's That At My Door? Responding to Jehovah's Witnesses: Conclusion

In concluding this series I decided to include the remaining passages below.  Also, make sure to check out tomorrow's PDF on the Divinity of Jesus.

Mark 2:6-12:
Take note of Jesus' supernatural ability to know his opponents thoughts.  This clearly shows His divinity.  Ironically this is the very thing that is being challenged by Jesus' adversaries in this text.  "Who can forgive sins but God alone?"  Jesus then says, "Your sins are forgiven."  How can Jesus forgive sins if He is not divine?

John 1:1:
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Philippians 2:6-11 
If Jesus was a mere created human being, why did he have to strip himself (i.e. empty himself) to take on the form of a slave, being found in human form?  If he was a mere created being why the  need to humble himself to the point of death?

John 17:3
This text is used many times to position God as the only true God and push Jesus to a secondary role; that Jesus is not true God.  "If the Father is the only true God, Christ is not outside the only true God, since the Father, Who is the only true God, glorifies in Himself Christ. (see: John 13:32; John 14:10; John 17:5)." (NPNF 2 9:169)  Click here to be redirected to a page that challenges their proof texting.