Who's That At My Door? Responding to Jehovah's Witnesses: Part 1

About a week ago I received a phone call from an individual with a question about scripture.  I thought to myself, "wow, what a neat opportunity to try and bless someone."  However, I soon came to realize that this individual wasn't calling with a question but was calling to engage me in a telephone debate.  To be honest, it was an awkward conversation to have with a complete stranger on the phone and frankly the whole approach was a very confrontational methodology.  Furthermore, I found myself having a tough time keeping up with the gentleman's rapid quoting of Bible passages and talking points.  So, I did what I seem to do best... I listened.  As he spoke I began to take notes and soon realized that he was a Jehovah's Witness.  What was very interesting to find out was that my colleague in a nearby city also received the same phone call from this individual.  

After the phone call I dug out a bunch of my material on JW's and had a little fun perusing through my material and notes.  As a result of this encounter I thought that this event could serve as the motive and inspiration to do a blog series on this subject for all of you.  So, sit back and enjoy the material as we spend this week's blog postings on a series titled, "Who's That At My Door?  Responding to Jehovah's Witnesses."  

To start off this blog series check out the following sheet.  It will serve as a bird's eye view of Jehovah's Witnesses and their basic tenets.

Click Here For:  Taking a Closer Look At Jehovah's Witnesses