Who's That At My Door? Responding to Jehovah's Witnesses: The Arianism Connection (Part 2)

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“He who doesn’t learn from history is bound to repeat it.”[1].
            There is an overwhelming amount of truth found in this quote printed above.  As people of history we have a wonderful opportunity to turn to the past for details and information.  But often times, we fail to learn from history.  It is then that the mistakes, conflicts and turmoil, from the past, come back to haunt us once again.  So, how do we handle new conflicts and misinformed truths about God (i.e. heresies)?  Or are they really new?  Maybe the so-called “new heresy” isn’t that new at all.  It could be that these ideologies were dealt with in the past and are just back with a new makeover and attitude.  By looking to the past, instead of the present, can a heresy be opposed and confronted?  I believe it can.  The reason why I bring this up is that we can learn a lot about modern Jehovah's Witnesses by studying an ancient movement called, "Arianism."  Arianism is from the 4th Century and there is quite a history in the early church over the teachings of Arius.  Click Here to read more.

[1] Quote Taken from Matthew Richard’s Personal Notebook…. Quote unknown to the author of this report.
[2] Schwarz, John. The Compact Guide to the Christian Faith (Bethany House Publishing, 1999), 193.